What is medical cannabis

Medical marijuana uses the marijuana plant or chemicals in it to treat diseases or conditions. It’s basically the same product as recreational marijuana, but it’s taken for medical purposes. The marijuana plant contains more than 100 different chemicals called cannabinoids. Each one has a different effect on the body. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the main chemicals used in medicine. THC also produces the “high” people feel when they smoke marijuana or eat foods containing it.

Cannabis Growing Up

We provide a full range of advisory services from helping set up your grow room and the harvesting process.

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Lab Tests and Conclusions

We are a family-based testing facility founded on excellent customer service and highly-trained analytical chemists.

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Education and Trainings

Learn from experienced experts and clinicians offering evidence-based cannabis education.

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Drug Manufacturing

We provides full manufacturing services for both investigational and commercial products.

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Fresh Cannabis

We is working on the production of low-cost, high-grade medical cannabis extracts for global exportation.

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Сannabis Essentials

Our Cannabis Essential Oils stem from the steam hydrodistillation of various terpenes-rich legal hemp strains

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