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We are fully-licensed cannabis testing laboratory. We are committed to public safety and ensuring full laboratory compliance and testing guidelines to build a safer cannabis industry. We are a family-based testing facility founded on excellent customer service and highly-trained analytical chemists.

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The Best CBD Essentials on Market
Essential CBD Extract is formulated with organic hemp to support our bodies as we age.
Educational Materials for Doctors and Patients
Explore cannabis information including ways to consume and cultivation guides.
Full Control Over
Our plants are vibrant, healthy growing and thriving plants.
Fresh Cannabis
Food Products
Fresh leaves extracts vital antioxidants, minerals and elements found in other rich leafy greens
Cannabis Based Pills Manufacuring
Treatment of nausea and vomiting for patients in cancer treatment; appetite stimulant for AIDS patients
Laboratory Tests and Conclusions
Cannabinoid or cannabis testing Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) testing

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“I am so happy with the products that I purchased from this companyI Highly recommend their products and their support team is wonderful!”

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“Cann farms CBD oil 0/10 is really good CBD oil the price excellent I use every day for pain I have had three neck surgeries & am waiting for a hip replacement it helps with the I take it twice a day.”

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